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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post from SoCal with a car bought with daddy's money...

LOL to the guy with 33 posts who said the moderators aren't active on this forum. Between babysitting the SoCal kids, spam, porno, idiotic threads posted in the wrong forum, inscrupulous vendors trying to scam people, and vendors posting in the non-vendor section -- I'd say we have our hands completely full. Besides, I'm of the mindset that we shouldn't really be deleting threads in the first place. Move them to the correct sections, but not deleting them. This forum is here for the public, it is not a moderated forum in the traditional sense (meaning every post and thread needs moderator approval). Therefore if somebody wants to start a thread about any topic (within reason), it's allowed.
I agree with this. The mods do a fine job, and they are not the problem here. The "children" may be extremely annoying to many of us who come to learn something useful or engage in an interesting discussion, but if the "kiddies" are not breaking any forum rules, there isn't much the moderators can do.