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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post
I used to come on here so many times during my day that at times it felt that I didn't do an honest days work because I spent the majority of the time on this site. But lately it seems that the threads are so dumb and non M related that I'm starting to wonder what's going on here.


I don't notice a single change actually. There were always trolls here and there always will be. Most of the old regulars that I remember still post often as well. What long time member do you notice that hasn't posted lately?

If you are referring to the "what xxxx do ///M owners yyy" threads, those were started to poke a little fun at the watch thread. Myself, I don't think there is anything wrong with owning and takling about watches. That's great if that is your thing. However I do think it is ironic and mysterious that that thread is allowed to sit in this forum, while all the other off topic thread get sent to the Off Topic forum. If the mods would simply be consistent and move all off topic threads to the off topic forum, I'm sure that none of the copy-cat or parody threads would have been created here - my own beer thread included.

One more thing: I think I provide quite a bit of valuable feedback on this forum, and have been thanked for doing so by members before. But I also post some off-topic stuff and try to interject some funny posts from time to time to keep the mood light. If doing the latter makes me childish, well then so be it - I guess I am just a big kid. But at least I know WTF I am talking about as well.

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