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Why are there so many dumb threads lately?

I used to come on here so many times during my day that at times it felt that I didn't do an honest days work because I spent the majority of the time on this site. But lately it seems that the threads are so dumb and non M related that I'm starting to wonder what's going on here.

Don't get me wrong, I've posted non M related threads before but at least mine, IMO, had some type of substance. The threads of late have been so dull they remind me of straight to video movies. No one cares to watch them in theaters but they release them for the heck of it and hope that someone will care enough to buy the DVD.

What has happened to the members who actually knew their stuff and chimed in on a regular basis? What forum are they on now? I want to talk about car stuff that's relevant to the M brand, not that 335xi's are better than M3's and not what luxury jewellery M guys wear! Who cares if an M driver is bald anyways?!?! I still can't believe that one was posted!

Ok I'm done!

Thank you and have a nice day
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