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Here is a little more info on my deal and I do appreciate the comments. I purchased the car at $800 over invoice with $10000 down including holiday cash so I don't believe i'll be that badly upside down. I decided to go 72mo because my goal was to have payment under $1000, it ended up being like $915 which I though was reasonable. I do plan on keeping the car for at least 6 or7 yrs, but then again I have said that before. We will see how much I like the car, this is my first M car. Here lately I have read about the MY2011 and this has caused me some concern but not because of reduced resale value but more because of any change and or improvement that may happen. From what I have gathered it does not look like there will be anything significant changed on the E90. Another important fact is that I need a car by mid Feb. and I just dont see the value of waiting to basically April or May for MY2011 March build. Thanks again for your opinions. Do not know exact delivery date at Performance Center hopefully before Feb 20 (birthday)