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Whooa nelly!!!

You are financing a car for 72 months? At nearly 6% interest? Plus, your 2010 vehicle is set for February delivery?

You must really want this car because financially, this seems like a bad move. Hopefully you are putting a substantial amount down on this car (i.e. more than $10k). Otherwise, you are going to be upside down in it from the get go. You could be in the position of bringing money to the table just to sell the car later.

The rumor is that March 2010 starts production of 2011 model year M3's. So in a hurry your new 2010 car is going to be considered "a year old." These 2011's will be slightly updated meaning that your 2010 car is "the old model."

Finally, if you must buy now, there are some credit unions out there that may be able to finance for a better rate--do you have any military/government connections for PenFed? I hope you at least got the car at invoice or less than $1k over. Run, don't walk away from the deal if you are paying anything close to MSRP. While it is an awesome car, it is just a car.

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