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Originally Posted by linsm3 View Post
I just left Toronto from a hockey trip with my daughter and narrowly missed the storm out of Buffalo where traffic was stranded for 17 hours due to the snow. If I had been unlucky enough to have had my M in that neck of the woods even with snow tires I would have been a goner. It was brutal in Canada, no place for that car.
Interesting you think it was brutal here, I find Chicago winters harsher than Toronto winters.... now Buffalo has it REALLY bad, they are right in the snow belt.

I'm another toronto driver that has no issues driving around in the snow and slush with my M... really that's why I went for the M, knew it was perfectly capable of being an all-season car as I only have one parking spot in my condo! If I had a 2nd, Id have a Jeep and something even more performance oriented for the summers.