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Originally Posted by Kyoshi71 View Post
Class action suit for the depreciation. That really sucks man.

Sigh...... why is it that everytime a gnat farts, someone in the US is suing?

Change is inevitable, as we all know, especially in the automotive industry. We ALL know our cars won't appreciate in value, we all know that there are changes being planned for our cars even before our cars were introduced.

It's like buying a TV or a computer, or most anything. There is ALWAYS bigger and better, just around the corner. It is INEVITABLE.

One could put off buying their car indefinitely, if you simply always want to have the latest and greatest.

Buy the car when you can. Enjoy it. Don't be jealous of the guys that have the new tail lights, or whatever.

This is so much more applicable to our M3s, I believe. Hell - it's an incredible car. Buy it. Enjoy it. Make no mistake - there will be better M3s coming.

I drive my car every day, with a smile on my face. It's mine. I love it. And without a doubt, I'll love my next one, whenever it might materialize.

Originally Posted by Kyoshi71 View Post
If thats the case, then that's bullshit on BMW's part especially for people like me who bought a 2010. So basically my car is a year old after owning it for 2 months and that MY 2010 was only 3 months long? Something doesnt sound right.

No, your car will be one year old, exactly 365 days after you bought it.
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