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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
I just moved from Germany. Spent 5 years there and was only 1.2 hours from the ring (at my usual 130+ mph autobahn cruising speed anyway). My Z4 M has been on the ring many times. I bought my M3 here. I also owned a TT 3.2 DSG (moderately modified to undo what Audi did to dumb down the steering/suspension) and it was far more fun on the ring than anything else I've driven there. I would have ordered DCT with my Z4 M if only BMW saw fit to have optioned it. Perhaps even SMG. Paddle shifting is way fun. But I have both so I get to play both ways...
Wow. Must be fun. I've never had a chance to visit Germany, but when I do Autobahn and the Ring are my priorities.

Anyway, my point was that most of us buy these cars for daily driving; meaning there's no tracks or auto-x involved. With that in mind, its our personal preference to which transmission is better. I don't think BMW went out to design the perfect transmission for the ultimate car, I think they put out another option, that'll be perfect for those who like it, and a 6 spd, for those who have always thought that there's nothing better than shifting thru the gears, rev matching with heel and toe techniques. Yes DCT is a faster transmission, you can downshift in the middle of an apex in a track too. It'll make you feel like a race car driver. But are you a race car driver? ARE YOU on a race car? I think the single biggest benefit (even more than what I stated before) is the ability to go in Automatic on a DCT (YES! I SAID AUTOMATIC!) For those who don't like to admit themselves that a DCT is an automatic transmission, well you're all wrong. Its a conventional automatic? NO; but does it automatically shift thru gears? YES!