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Basically the car pulls to the right the minute you let off the steering wheel. There is also some tension to the right as you hold the car to go straight. I wouldnt say it swerves the minute you let go. Funny thing is I expected this to happen. Last car I had (987S Boxster S) I put H&R springs and it took 3 alignments to get it right..... not sure why but I hate a car that pulls. Mine ALWAYS go right. Never had a car pull left. I'm taking the M back on MOnday and getting it re-aligned ANyways, on a side note, I also went with a full AA exhaust/X-pipe. Its completely ridiculous. The best part is there is very little cabin drone or noise. It just screams when you want it to. The car also now emits some very mean burbling/back pressure noises that I love. This thing stock was just pitiful. Way too quiet.