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Originally Posted by signes View Post

The Scud was clearly out for a photo shoot. The 355 Spider, guarantee that didn't have snows on it (or the driver was a moron, or both.)
How do you know? He could have had winters and be driving diligently with the utmost care?

So you are telling me when people get into accidents its because they are morons?

What kind of a driver do you think you are?

People get into situations like these because there is less margin of error when manuvering through traffic and driving in general through the winter with snow on the ground!

It doesnt matter what you drive (M or SUV), but understand in hazardous winter conditions or even hard rain, chances of wrapping around the pole are much higher!

My god this is just an accident on the driver's part, and I am amazed at your explaination!

Originally Posted by signes View Post

As for being smart enough, clearly you are ignorant and not in a position to argue the capabilities of an M3 on snow tires without ever having tried it. You stated your opinion early on, if you don't want to drive your car in the winter I really don't give a shit. Don't argue with people when you don't have the facts or experience to do so.
Listen buddy, you are the ignorant one!

We already have members who have reported how bad there experience with the Ms have been in the winter!

On the contrary some still drive them!

FYI I have had enough experience, driving sports cars in the winter.

The Maserati GT
The Continental GT
The SL600
The E46 M3 Vert
The E92 M3

Out of all these cars the bentley CGT outperformed everything, because of AWD (as you mentioned earlier)!

So stop assuming I am not speaking from experience!

I respect your opinion but dont jump to conclusions if someone doesnt agree with you!

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