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Originally Posted by signes View Post
If you have the means and desire to have two cars, good for anybody who does (seriously). And, yes, an AWD car with snows would have better traction under acceleration than a comparable RWD car.
Sure...and you just answered your own arguement, so AWD and 4WD do perform better

Originally Posted by signes View Post
Personally, I like having one car that can handle anything, a snowstorm in the mountains or a track in 100F heat.
Get a batmobile!

Originally Posted by signes View Post
Just don't say that the M cannot be driven in severe winter conditions unless you have actually experienced it yourself with the right equipment (tires).
Some of us are smart enough to realise that on our own.

Then there are those people who drive the ferraris in the winter and run into the shoulder or spin out in the middle of the streets!