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I had an awesome time at BMW's facility yesterday, I saw, heard and learned so much more than I ever thought I would get too. The test drive in their performance 335I was cool as could be. The guys took me to lunch and then on a tour of all tours. I think I got to go into some rooms civilians dont get into, but I think I have to and be quiet

I have always had my eye on that steering wheel and It was awesome of BMW to reward me with it for representing the M3 well in the challenge. So far the steering wheel has been everything I expected it to be. The shift lights are awesome! But these numbers keep coming up in the 1.05-1.17 range on one of the parameters of the wheel and I have no idea what they mean

Matt, Eric and Larry really showed me what BMW was about yesterday when I showed them my floormat had no velcro on it and it likes to slide foward. They told me I was not leaving here with that floormat even if they had to take it out of one of their own cars. After a short search and no sign of a new ///M floormat that would fit my car, Larry took the M floormat out of his person car and put it in mine.

I want to thank Matthew Russell, Eric Riehle, Larry Koch and everybody else at BMW for the experience and reward yesterday provided.