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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
So MFlight, what did you do??? More specific information on the Competition Package is as follows:

BMW Canada will be receiving official confirmation soon (I suspect shortly after ordering banks for the 2010 M3 close next week). I guess this doesn't help you guys from the U.S. I'm not sure whether you're getting it or not but unlike the "Edition" models this time around which were "Canada" only as far as N. America goes, the Competition option for the E46 M3 was available in both of our countries.

Content should include a lowered/re-tuned suspension (probably the same 10 mm drop the Edition's got, maybe a touch more to split the difference with the GTS) with the new lightweight GTS wheels and more aggressive tires. I seriously doubt that BMW will fit the GTS tires (P Zero Corsa System's) to the car as these are more suited to the track. But Michelin makes PS2's in the GTS sizings, I'm not aware that Conti does (yet!).

The whole package will be described as making the E92 more "agile". Therefore, a power increase isn't in the mix. Suits me fine, just gotta keep the rev's up, right?? And BTW, the Comp Pkg has already been added to my Individual specs. Someone other than me must be confident!!

That's it for now, some of you may have more info so feel free to call me a liar and add....a special color or two

Slightly disappointed there wasn't a brake upgrade mentioned in your list. Guess I can still hope they might sneak it in for the official announcement.