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Originally Posted by MMMorish View Post
Canadian BMW Stealerships should be ashamed of themselves for even bringing one of these cars in. 10 grand premium over the price of the stock M3 is crazy! I wonder how many of those potential buyers will be headed to MB Stealerships and ordering a 2010 C63 with P31 packages for less money??
Who cares?

1) At least you get the option of purchasing the limited edition model, where as the United States gets screwed.

2) You have a run of the mill M3 which will depreciate at an alarming rate while the LTD edition M3 will hold its value much better.

3) If people truly want to go to MB dealerships, then thats their choice. People would complain about a 5 grand premium over the stock M3. Nowadays, people are too cheap to see real value.