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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
I do understand what he is saying, aswell as what you are saying. I just can't justify the high lease payment to let it sit in the garage, and in 3 years give it back to BMW (knowing the next owner most likely won't ever know or appreciate the fact that the car was "never winter driven"). I say enjoy it, its a blast to drive in the snow and move on..If you saw my car in the summer, you would never think its even seen a single drop of rain, let alone massive snow storms and salt galore!

Yes slammed I understand if you are leasing the car, I wouldn't have cared either for the winter!
I would have felt comfortable driving it all year around if it was leased too since I dont own the car and could care less about chips, salt, paint damage, ground clearance, higher risk of getting hit etc.

I spend a lot of time out west in the guelph/kitchener/waterloo area where its even worse conditions then toronto, most roads have black ice, salt and snow all season

Last year I put the M away from December - March first week.

This year it was literally this week to probably march first week, meh hardly 3 months?

Since I bought mine out and plan on keeping her for a while unless I find something better! And I have access to other decent rides, why should I drive it in the winter

You have been in the detailing business and your cousin is in it still! and you are extra meticulous with your car so no matter what the weather it will always look nice all year around

And whenever you go for long road trips, you still cheat and save the M sometimes

Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
FYI, M3 Vert has NOT lowered or put a front lip on his car, to my knowledge the car is stock!
You are right its stock, but I still bottom out in some of the parking lots during the year, imagine with snow in waterloo


Subzero temperatures are also not good for the rubber seals in our verts, as per the shop foreman at BMW Toronto.

1. Rubber is being exposed to subzero extreme temperatures which can cause cracks in the seals leading to creaks and windnoises over time

2. If going through touchless (which you told me you use in the winter)
Water getting in and freezing will expand and stress the seals again and over time cause similar issues.

However, most of these issues wont be immediate but over time it may cause creaks, rattles, wind noises, which I would rather avoid too

But since you are leasing, again I know its not a big deal for you!