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I've lived in Detroit, Chicago, and New York for over 30 years and believe me Denver winters are worse when it comes to snow and temperature extremes. Much better in terms of average temperature and sunny days, but the snow and cold can be intense. We got 2 feet of snow in about a day this October, which honestly is not unusual. Huge dumps are common, like the one below. You can't tell but that is my E46 M3 'vert, did just fine during our storm a few years back that brought 3 feet (no exaggeration) and closed a bunch of roads. I merrily trucked on past literally hundreds of stranded cars but was forced to get off the highway when they shut it down and stay in a hotel. I came out to this in the morning...

Loved the looks on people's faces when I cleared off the snow and drove away. I drove this vert year round for 60k miles and when I traded it in, I was told it was the nicest E46 they had seen. Just needs washing/detailing to keep nice like any other car.

Driven sensibly, an M3 with proper snows is every bit as capable or more so than other cars. Great balance, handling and safety. The only area where you really lose out is traction to an AWD car with equivalent tires. And AWD/4WD doesn't help when it comes to stopping...