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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
"...with that kind of attitude of yours..."

Listen, smart ass, you're the know-it-all here. You don't seem to know shit about the conditions here. We get fog and sub-zero temperatures here, along with the accompanying black ice. Was it -16F there this morning? Yes, you have a shitty, grey, long winter, but just because we get lots of sun here doesn't mean that we don't see the extremes.

Yes, all cars get in accidents. If you want to put your 'vert on a pedestal that's fine with me. It's also fine for you to express your opinions here, but don't talk to me like I'm a small child and presume that only people from Canada know about winter.


you need to relax buddy, and take a chill pill

I mentioned that because your from an area that doesnt even experience the kind of shitty ass weather and conditions we have here in the great white north.

We had 15-20 cm of snow already overnight and near white out conditions, plus they use lots of salt here too.

You are so far away down south, sure you get the occassional snow fall but its not as severe and harsh as the conditions here in ontario!

Even our fall and spring is filled with rain and overcast!

I am not saying your some child, but the way your expressing your opinion, seems like you are one.

I dont understand why you guys think you are always right!

Just move along buddy, if you wanna drive the M through the winter do it!

However, I am not the only one of this opinion, many other members put theres away for the exact reasons mentioned above.