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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Those gents looked like they were having great fun with the Maserati to me.

So let's go down your list:

1. Ground clearance.

I'll give you that one, but most of the times here on the front range of the Rockies it's not an issue because we have very effective plows. Still, you have to be aware.

2. High risk of accident.

Well duh, but so what? Any vehicle you drive is at this risk. Why would I care more if my M3 gets pranged vs. my Hyundai??? They're both disposable and bought for a purpose.

3. Salt/rock chips on the paint. That's not a problem in my part of the world. Even if it were, it's easily fixed.

4. Can't drive an M hard.

Is there something the matter with you?? With high perforance snow tires you can drive the living crap out of the M3. The balance is perfect and the brakes are great. Also, it's easy to turn the DSC off and on for play and fun.

I rest my case.


Dave, you cant beat the laws of physics even with good tires, and trust me only if you lived in canada you could understand what I mean!

Also, most roads in the city still have black ice here, and you dont wanna know what kind of accidents I have witnessed infront of my eyes.

Cautious drivers get into accidents because some other idiots on the road in SUVs who think they are invincible because of AWD driving recklessly

Infact a lot of sportscars get into accidents during the winter, with that kind of attitude of yours...

However, as mentioned earlier I'm no Frank Mountain and I will continue driving the 760 and lexus for the winter and enjoy the M with its top down in the spring