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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post

gee... its not like the m3 is some super car... its just a more expensive 3 series... people drive their 5 series, 7 series cars year round all the time. and some of those cars cost more than the m3...

only car i'd consider storing is a ferrari or lambo or maybe a gt3 porsche... i know people who drive their 130k porsche turbos year round. no biggie.
Well u know what, to each his own!

I think maybe some of us are in a position to have multiple vehicles throughout the year!

Why should one drive the M in the winter, when you run into these probs:

1. Ground Clearance
2. Higher Risk of Accidents (Some jackass hits you!)
3. Salt/Rock chips on paint
4. Cant drive the the M hard! the way its meant to be like in summer

The Porsche turbos are AWD!
and FYI I drive the 760, Lexus GS in the winter. Infact prior to that I drove the 745 in the winter too!

The M with good winter set of wheels probably handles well, but I rest my case for the reasons mentioned above

And the M is no supercar but even supercars are driven in the snow and this is what happens

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