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Finally got around to trying DTC70s at all corners vs. HT10s in the front and DS2500s in the rear.

I think I may be crazy - the car seemed to stop better and with more stability with more mechanical bias to the front (HT10/DS2500 setup), at least abs did not kick in as soon. There are lots of other variables in play this weekend, including new NT01s and colder weather, so it's not an apples to apples comparison. NT01s are pretty consistent across track temps. I suspect the issue could have been that I was not able to maintain the DTC70 pads temp across all corners which was changing the torque left to right after long straights. Laps times were better with the cold temps (more power).

Has anyone else experimented with different compounds front/rear? I don't normally advocate a different compound front/rear on an OEM system for advanced drivers, however there were few choices in the early days.