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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
I was on the phone with my dealer's Sales Manager yesterday and he was trying to get me a January build for my M3 Sedan....... He told me that if a January build was not possible then I would get a February build guaranteed.

Today he called me and left a message which and said: "Jamie, Jack here! I just spoke with distribution and I have some news and it is both good and bad. Give me a call when you get a chance." When I spoke to him he told me that I could not have a January build because there were no spots left, and I couldn't have a February build because there are no M3's being built in February. He basically told me that I am going to be getting a car built in March and it will be a MY2011. He said he was told that the Coupe and Convertible were getting some minor styling changes from March production. There will be no changes to the Sedan as far a styling goes however there may be some minor changes to available options and equipment.When I questioned Jack regarding the Comp Package he did not have any info on it for Coupe, Convertible, or Sedan however he would give me a call as soon as the MY2011 ordering guide came.

Hope this helps!
will these be twin turbo