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Originally Posted by niqui View Post
what would this masterpiece do 0-60...just curious...
Hmmm, donīt know about this one since it is a tad heavier than mine which is the Club Sport version of the RS46, but, a regular E92 M3 Coupe RS46 6MT will make 60 in 3.9 seconds while the E92 Coupe RS46 Competizione 6MT (Club Sport) will do about 3.7 to 60 and 3.9 to 62. I would say this is about 4.0 seconds flat to 60 since it heavier but does have the lighter wheels and more importantly DCT. Anyway you put it, it is fast and the biggest issue is traction rather than lack of power or torque. To really feel the difference I suggest you test it out if you are really interested, the feel, throttle response and control, higher long torque curve, etc... is really nice indeed. Other important things are top speed, the Competizione version is 340kph!!! Not too shabby!! lol!