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Originally Posted by CJF View Post
anyone care to opine about the possibility or impossibility of the availibility of the soon to be comp package for the sedan? will it be coupe only?

i have read a bunch of the threads speculating in re the comp package, so for the sake of this thread let's assume the comp package will be available by summer 2010.

any reason to think it would be coupe only?
I can't confirm weather or not the Comp Package will be available on the Sedan but what I can confirm is that the model year on Sedan, Coupe and Convertible will change to MY2011 with March Production.

I was on the phone with my dealer's Sales Manager yesterday and he was trying to get me a January build for my M3 Sedan....... He told me that if a January build was not possible then I would get a February build guaranteed.

Today he called me and left a message which and said: "Jamie, Jack here! I just spoke with distribution and I have some news and it is both good and bad. Give me a call when you get a chance." When I spoke to him he told me that I could not have a January build because there were no spots left, and I couldn't have a February build because there are no M3's being built in February. He basically told me that I am going to be getting a car built in March and it will be a MY2011. He said he was told that the Coupe and Convertible were getting some minor styling changes from March production. There will be no changes to the Sedan as far a styling goes however there may be some minor changes to available options and equipment.When I questioned Jack regarding the Comp Package he did not have any info on it for Coupe, Convertible, or Sedan however he would give me a call as soon as the MY2011 ordering guide came.

Hope this helps!
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