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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
These kind of posts make me want V3's so bad. Do you have any suspension clunks or sounds from the V3's? I read the 335 people been having this problem.
that could happen with stiff suspensions. On my other car I have a PSS I sometimes have sounds when moving the front wheels while the car is still for example.

as far as the springs vs coilovers, I join what most of the people said. good springs will do the job if you simply are going for looks with the advantage of a relatively low price. the disadvantages, which a coilover systems dont have, are that your stock suspension will suffer over the long run, you might have worse handling, possibly some unexpected jerks in turns/potholes, you cant adjust the height of the car to make sure the fit is just right, for no rubbing and/or whichever wheels you fit on it.

i recommend to anyone (especially who owns an M3!) to get coilovers...sometimes the cheap comes out being more expensive, just remember that