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Originally Posted by SHADY1 View Post
Well on my way home I made a turn at a intersection and my car was hard to steer. I was thinking to myself well maybe its from all the stuff I had turned on in my car putting a strain on my car from the power pulley. Well I remember someone on the post saying their power steering belt broke at about 20,000 miles. Well I made a stop at a gas station which was 50 miles away from my house at the time. I pop open the hood got a flash light from my trunk and looked around under the hood at the engine and my belt was broken "Dammit Jim" . I took out the broken parts of the drive belt. Since my other drive belt did not break the car was still able to drive. I was still good so I drove the car home . I have 3 sets of extra drive belts for my M3. just in case moments like this happen on a long trip. Well since I been deployed I forgot to put a set of belts back in the car . I will fix the belt when I get off work in the afternoon. The steering on the M3 is a real B#*$h .... with no powersteering. I am just glad me and the wife made it home safe

sorry to hear abt the belt James. Nice pics though looks like a decent turnout despite the rain. Wish i could have made it down there. Maybe we can meet up sometime this week if you want. Send me a txt and let me know.
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