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Anyone reading this don't get me wrong. I truly miss my piggyback on 100 octane, because that was just an amazing thrill to redline in a straight line at stop lights and onto highways. The BMW performance in a 335 without a doubt walks and smashes the S5 in every way i can think of in regards to handling and performance. But there is so much more to the driving experience than just going fast in a straight line. And to give the S5 some credit, i've taken some wild turns with the Rear differential, and its pretty damn awesome too. But in a straight line. 335 will smash and kill an S5 all day long guaranteed hands down.

But that's about the only thing i miss from my 335. I heard the I-Drive got updated after i got my 2007 model, so I must say that I never test drove a new 335 version or played with their new I-Drive system, so maybe i missed out on the new features and convenieces that upgrade I-Drive system provides.

But i can tell you I can't believe i even put up with the 2007 I-Drive after playing around with the 2010 MMI of the S5. Having a dual screen in the center console and the dashboard of the S5 has made my driving experience that much more pleasurable.
Having two screen to navigate in the MMI system is just plain awesome.