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Originally Posted by a burrito View Post
I agree the Audi is a nicer place to be in than the e9x 3 series.. And I do agree that although the seats are Recaros and look awesome, its just not as comfortable as it looks. It actually puts you in a strange seating position... Maybe i'm too used to my porsche or the simplicity of my Fj.

The car does have good get up.. When I drove it, It was about 100 degrees outside and the torque was definitely there but the engine was not exciting. Exhaust is quiet, the car feels too quiet inside for whats supposed to be a sporty GT car.

I felt the steering feedback was numb and could be much much heavier. The cornering I felt was not that great either. My salesperson was pretty cool so I got to do about 15 miles tearing up some corners. You are always reminded that this car is very heavy and FWD Biased AWD car.. Its definitely not as athletic as any 3 series...

On the flipside - I don't hate the car I just wouldn't expect the car to take the place of a 335i or a M3 but rather be an extra car for those days you want to take out some guests or head to a club with a couple buddies.. Its no doubt an awesome car but I do prefer the feel of the b7 S4 to the b8..
The new S4 and A/S5 address the issue FWD bias AWD issue. They are RWD bias(just like xDrive) and have a 60/40 split(just like xDrive) The great thing about Audi's is that they have a mechanical LSD and not an electrical one. That's why they're so good in snow. Audi is aiming for BMW, and they're getting close. The feedback I felt was ok, not as good but I could deal with it. The 3 series is the best of both worlds, it's luxurious and sporty. No other car can do that as good as a 3 series can. BMW has perfected it.
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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...