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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
That is just awesome.

Thanks man.

Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
Kind of makes me want to switch to DCT, to be honest. Even with a switch to 4.10 gears I don't think a 6MT can do that.
I think in the right condtions, good launch, it can get there Bro, JM's car seems to have the power. Certainly a stroker 6MT can.

Originally Posted by sammyrusso View Post
FUCKING A!!!!!! I got to say thats pretty fucking bad ass
Thanks Brotha.

Originally Posted by tightie View Post
Congrats! New record holder...
Thanks J!

Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post

His ban lifts in on Christmas Eve (not kidding).
Appreciate that Robert. Good that he's coming back, gotta say he deserves major props for going all the way up there and doing what he did. The car just needs a few tweaks, but the traps are there, flat out impressive. He lead the way with the 12.1, now he's the only one who's taken his SC'd E92 to the track, he deserves BIGTIME credit and props for that. Gintani's kit appears to be the real deal.

Originally Posted by M&M View Post
Drew, that's incredible. You are single-handedly setting the record straight about M3 performance. Keep it up, we are proud of you man!
Always good hearing from you Brotha, I have a lot respect for you and what you do with your cars.

Originally Posted by Splinter4784 View Post

That is amazing

Thanks man, you're next.

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Awesome. Congrats!
Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Originally Posted by mikewads View Post
"You will then know the true power of the darkside" ...or something like that...

I was going to buy a 6 speed... until I drove a DCT. I love technology!

Originally Posted by KiokenM3 View Post
WOWEEEEE!!! drew you are the man!!!! has any e9x m3 posted a faster 1/4 than you?
Thanks my man, I think as of now I'm the fastest, but that will change quickly when a SC'd car hooks up.

Originally Posted by cpiguy View Post
All I can say is I wish your car was white, so I could tell everyone it was me that had the fastest M3 in the WORLD!!!
lol, thanks Arnie!!!

Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
that is a really fast nice for just bolt ons.

nice job.
Thanks Eugene!
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