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Originally Posted by htp autoworks View Post
And you arent pushing Bekaert??? LOL. I have installed it before (yes it is a pain in the ass to install) and I have also seen it on a car after 6 months. It didnt hold up well and has way too much orange peel in it. Could be why they only have a 5 year warranty against VentureShield's lifetime. And if you havent been installing for a while then I guess you havent used VentureShield Ultra (top coat) since it is a fairly new film. With all of that said, there is still a reason why Bekaert has a very small portion of the PPF industry. If it was a good film then I assume everyone would want it, install it, and have good results with it.

By the way "Robert", your post back as early as 26 october 09 is stated as you are still installing film. At least thats what you claim. So how long ago did you quit installing film? Was it before or after you put your 42" Roland plotter up for sale? Maybe 15 November of this year? Just curious... I mean it helps me understand how unbiased your opinion is.

Man your post is a mess. Let me see where to begin.

If is say i stopped clear braing that means i dont clear bra any more. Why the heck would i say i dont clear bra any more yet still do it. Obviously that would be bad for business and confuse the heck out of people. Check my website you will see i dont have my clear braing page up anymore.

Oh also show me where in my post i say "i havenít been clear braing for a while" ? I stopped recently. I never said I stopped years ago. And yes i have used VentureShield Ultra extensively, and used it as one of my go to films. I never said it was crap film(you need to read peoples posts). What i said was when clear braing white cars you should use Clearshield as in my opinion it will hold up the best on white vehicles.

A good clear bra-er doesn't just use one type of film and tell everyone its the best hands down, what he does is tests as many films as he can, figure out which ones are the best and keep them in his tool box, so he can custom tailor the install to the customers needs.

As for selling my plotter, whats your point? I've gone back to school to get my degree, so i stopped clear braing. I have all this equipment at home so as of recently i decided to try to liquidate my equipment.

PS. As a disclaimer I have not used Proforms brand new film so i can not say how it personally fairs on white vehicles that i have done.

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