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Originally Posted by htp autoworks View Post
Interesting post. ClearShield is Bekaert... one of the worst films out there (IMHO). There is a reason why they only have about 5% of the paint protection film market. I have installed it before and thought it was horrible. I would put it up against VentureShield Ultra any day of the week. But thats just my .02
Im not going to get into a debate over this topic because it would go on forever.

VentureShield is widely used and excepted by installers because its easy as heck to install, and that means less practice and knowhow for installers.

You obviously push VentureShileld film so you will obviously say its better.

My non biased opinion(non biased because i dont clear bra anymore) is that Clearshiled holds up its transparency better on white vehicles than other films out their. And it sure is hell holds up better than Ventureshield ultra on White BMW M3's!! And if you dont believe me there are a few of my old customers on this forum that will contest to the film.