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Originally Posted by Z06_7.0l View Post
I've said it once but ill say it again, You must use Clearshield if you have a white vehicle. I dont care what the clear bra dealer tries to tell you, this is the only film Ive seen that holds up on white cars long term. (this is coming from a former clear bra installer that has tried all the films).
Hope this helps

Oh one last thing. Normally a installer wont install film that you buy yourself and bring to them. Or if they do, they wont warranty the clear bra. So its best to consult your installer before purchasing any kits on your own.
Interesting post. ClearShield is Bekaert... one of the worst films out there (IMHO). There is a reason why they only have about 5% of the paint protection film market. I have installed it before and thought it was horrible. I would put it up against VentureShield Ultra any day of the week. But thats just my .02