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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post

Yeah, it sounds like the fact that they were planning this new package went a long way toward their decision to allow you to spec the car as you had desired. I really do hope this all comes to fruition as you have outlined here (not that I am doubting you, mind you, but I do tend to be a bit skeptical about things like this until the facts are out in the wild officially. ), because the M3 Edition, IMHO, does look amazing. And the GTS wheels are nice too. Hopefully most of it makes it to production for this LCI option package. And hopefully MCB makes it too (any idea if that is the case)?
Once again, you're right on the money about the special order items. Some (like the l0mm springs) didn't even cause a flutter. I'd asked for these to be added just after the Edition models were announced. Others I'm still fighting for (yes, the wheels and brakes) and I won't know if I was successful until I hear from M Division - next week I hope. My goal with this car has been to take the best of what I've seen from the aftermarket and make it BMW OEM and on the car when I pick it up. The GTS wheels (a new interpretation of the CSL style IMO) have been on my list of requests for a year. A year ago they didn't exist (to us anyways) and back in April I was given a polite but firm "no, we can't do that". Within seconds of the new GTS photos being posted, I e-mailed Munich and said "Seeee, I knew you could do it. Can I have them????" Thus far I haven't been told "no" as per the April correspondence so my fingers are crossed. So far, so good but the anticipation is killing me!!!

As for MCB, yes it was offered (as an "Individual" paint option to me months ago) but I've since declined in favour of another color scheme that I'm waiting approval on. MCB is very pretty and very "M" but not what I want to do. Funny mid-Nov I was asked to reconsider that color and received a whole raft of photos of it in differing lights. In other words, was BMW being frugal on my behalf and trying to save me some "individual" money by going with a "it'll be a standard color pretty soon" paint scheme???? I honestly don't know. But I wouldn't doubt it because M Division and Individual have been absolutely exceptional to deal with and have gone out of their way to accomodate my requests....and make them cost effective!

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