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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Price... I'll let you know when the price is finalized.

As for the "Individual" stuff....I've been reading this forum, every day now, for the past couple of years. You are one of the people who have impressed me very much with your input and insight.
Hey, thanks for the props. I owe a good deal of my knowledge to the various forums, news outlets, and informational sites on the internet. I just happen to be a BMW fan and car enthusiast in general, so I tend to keep a lot of car related facts in my head.

Thusly, you are absolutely correct about the upcoming "Comp" package lowering the cost of my special-order items. I guess that's why the M division has pre-supposed or pre-determined that they'll be equiping my car with it. They've been really great and obviously have their customers' interests (and finances) in mind.
Yeah, it sounds like the fact that they were planning this new package went a long way toward their decision to allow you to spec the car as you had desired. I really do hope this all comes to fruition as you have outlined here (not that I am doubting you, mind you, but I do tend to be a bit skeptical about things like this until the facts are out in the wild officially. ), because the M3 Edition, IMHO, does look amazing. And the GTS wheels are nice too. Hopefully most of it makes it to production for this LCI option package. And hopefully MCB makes it too (any idea if that is the case)?

And btw, my car will be a 6MT. I drove both versions for very extended periods and by far had much more fun shifting for myself. A fraction or so of a second ain't going to matter in the long run, will it??
Yep, definitely go with the one that's the most fun for you.
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