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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I'm curious how much you are paying for this privilege? If you don't mind sharing.

So, if I am getting you correctly here, you had already convinced BMW to let you add options from the Edition. But now this competition package is coming and will include some of those same parts anyway. So you will just be adding that pacakge once you have details and will thereby lower your cost since some parts that would have been custom ordered are now part of the package. Yeah?
Price.....not yet confirmed, BMW will be firming up the CDN price for everything within the next 2 weeks before M Division shuts down for the holidays. I'm not a rich guy (and certainly won't be after this thing comes to fruition) but it's been my dream for a long, long time and I'm not too concerned. There are limits though and BMW has been very straightforward about bang for the buck versus excessive costs. I'll let you know when the price is finalized.

As for the "Individual" stuff....I've been reading this forum, every day now, for the past couple of years. You are one of the people who have impressed me very much with your input and insight. Thusly, you are absolutely correct about the upcoming "Comp" package lowering the cost of my special-order items. I guess that's why the M division has pre-supposed or pre-determined that they'll be equiping my car with it. They've been really great and obviously have their customers' interests (and finances) in mind.

And btw, my car will be a 6MT. I drove both versions for very extended periods and by far had much more fun shifting for myself. A fraction or so of a second ain't going to matter in the long run, will it??

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