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Let's hope that the weather holds up for Sunday. It is suppose to rain around 5:00 pm. Since there appears there are lots of people showing up, I don't think the hotel would like us revving our engines in the parking lot. So I intend to caravan with everybody to the video shoot and photo shoot site at 2:20 pm. We can make all the noise we want at that location as it is virtually deserted.

If you will be late at meeting at the hotel and we have all left, please drive to the photo and video shoot location. However, sorry, but I do not have the address. The best way to describe it is that it is off of the feeder road of Beltway 8 (southbound side) near the intersection at 59. It is in a business district where the buildings are white. It is very close to Gillman Mitsubihi/Subaru/Honda.

Leaving the Hotel, take I-10 East, turn right onto Beltway 8 South, take the first exit ($1.00) to avoid further tolls, continue southbound on the feeder road of Beltway 8. Once you pass Bissonett, get ready to turn right into the business district. The location will be in the back of the warehouses on the left side. Watch the video of the Jet Black E92 M3 (tinpot at 7:05) to see the street to turn right to enter the business district; you can see Beltway 8 in the background. Watch the video of the Interlagos Blue E92 M3 (Nawaaz at 7:20): to help you figure out what these business warehouses look like.

Sorry for these crappy directions, so just be sure to be on time at the hotel and you won't have to worry about getting to the second location on time since we will all caravan. If you still think you'll be late, then PM me and I'll give you my cell phone number.

Please check this thread again on Sunday around noon. And bring four quarters or $1.00 to pay the toll on exit. If the weather is crappy, then we may have to cancel and reschedule, but I'm hoping everything is a go!

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