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Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
Dude just because some drivers suck isnt the cars fault and doesn't mean the car isn't capable of the mission. B8 S4's making 450whp? REALLY where never heard of that last I saw the MTM's B8 S4 still lost to a stock M3 that started in the wrong gear! even B7 RS4's barely make that much power with a supercharger. Your right an S4 is a great car much better then the B7 But it will probably never be a B5 in Performance. Either way its competition for a 335i not an M3 never has been never will be.And just because it has AWD doesn't mean its a track star either but hopefully it was better then My B7 S4 that thing understeered like no tomorrow even my pegleg 545i would kill that thing on the track. Dont even bring a boosted M3 vs a Modded B8 S4 either talk about a massacre. And whatever M3 you ran def wasn't making 200rwhp over you stock M3(not that day anyway) if you were less then 5 cars behind it thats for sure. Anyway tell ur buddy to bring out his B8 S4 with a 450whp and I'd love to make quick work of that.

I ran a B5 S4 which is still faster then basically all Audis in production when modded and I walked it before I even had an exhaust or a custom tune.
and this car was making 430whp on a dyno dynamics. I was only making 360whp at the time of the run.
Im talking about on the track, u seem to be talking about drag races..
I thought B8 S4 were suppose to make 450+?? Im only going from what I've heard...
if a modded S4 can't even beat a bone stock M3 then I guess forget it, I thought the B8 were suppose to be faster.
But I think u need to calm down, im starting to question your dick size, as to how quick you are to defend the almighty M3..