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Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
It was just a HUGE amount of work that went into this entire process.
Yeah, definitely not for the faint of heart . Even after having countersunk several knobs (lots of work too), I didn't really want to tackle this one, but the LeatherZ one wasn't good enough for me, so had to take the plunge .

Originally Posted by kabalm18 View Post
What did you do to get the boot to match the diameter of the ring? It looks great!
Ended up using electrical tape rolled backwards and adhered to itself (yes, sticky side out), folded in half, and PAINSTAKINGLY filled that narrow area just short of the ring's diameter (leather thickness filled the rest). Then made 2 square cuts at the top (12 and 6 o'clock positions) where the heads of 2 small zipties attached backwards (with the 'head' on the inside) had space to hide, leaving the leather smooth all around. If you put the zipties the 'right' way, you end up with their 'heads' (even after you cut the excess) sticking out, and looks like crap IMO. Yes, I'm a little anal . By the way, after that 'filling' job, you install the boot outside in (backwards) and push it as low on the shaft as possible, then install the knob, then pull the boot up until boot is snug around the made-up -ring', which is at the very end, then secure the boot with the 2 zipties tied together, tighten little by little to keep the 'heads' at their appropriate 12 and 6 o'clock positions, then cut the excess, route and connect the wires, and finally pull the boot down and reinstall the base. Hope this helps.