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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Not yet. But I've spec'd out my car with bits and pieces from the euro "Edition" model (thus far approved) and I understand that the Comp. pkg will overlap with some of the stuff (eg. lowered suspension).
I'm curious how much you are paying for this privilege? If you don't mind sharing.

I'm hoping for upgraded brakes as I track for fun once per year. Either way, BMW M has already pre-supposed that I'll be adding the Comp. pkg which is already adding to the (somewhat unknown) excitement of what I'll be getting.
So, if I am getting you correctly here, you had already convinced BMW to let you add options from the Edition. But now this competition package is coming and will include some of those same parts anyway. So you will just be adding that pacakge once you have details and will thereby lower your cost since some parts that would have been custom ordered are now part of the package. Yeah?
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