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Feeler: Huge drive event

Many of our michigan bmw friends were in attendance for the TSE Michigan even we held at the begging of the fall. About 25 cars in total. We also had a huge subie turnout. Anyway I am starting to begin taking notes and information for another driving event come this spring. I have been speaking to some local shops and businesses and I will be trying to get some sponsorship for a large gathering area to rent along with food. I figured that maybe depending on interest in the event I will be trying to figure out a good Michigan Charity/Organization to donate too. I would like to know from fellow drivers in our area

-What would you like to see different about this years drive
-Any good charities you have in mind for donations. I thought about this group called "Horizons Upward Bound" that helps kids further education
-Locations for starting and ending
-Food and Catering
-Any other ideas you may have.

I intend on this event being open to all makes and models and my goal, even though it is lofty, is 100 drivers.

Here is some information on the cause I am interested in helping

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