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Originally Posted by smmmurf View Post
The price will probably not go down. The Euro has appreciated significantly against the U.S. Dollar. At ~1.50 EUR/USD, BMW gets less Euros per car they sell in the U.S. than they did when the Euro was at ~1.25 EUR/USD, cutting their margins if they sell for the same U.S. Dollar MSRP. I think there is a larger likelihood that the price will go up.

That said, I would absolutely wait a couple extra months for the LED lights and other potential updates.
I agree price will probably not go down, but there was a significant price drop this summer while the exchange rate was roughly the same as it is now.

Another SA (I don't really trust his sales techniques) mentioned a price increase in Mar. Not sure if he knows or is just trying to gen sales - but I suspect he's right.