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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Hope this photo hasn't yet appeared, looks like this may be a Competition Package car with the new March/2010 tail lights and other LCI upgrades not visible. Hopefully the new GTS wheels (silver in this photo) will be a part of the package as will the 10mm suspension drop as previously offered on the "Edition" models. A brake upgrade would be nice, a functional touch similar to what they added on the previous gen M3 Comp. package. Motor/power specs will remain the same though.

My March-production "Individual" M3 is just about finished the design stages and BMW M will be providing me with the final confirmed specs very shortly. It's taken one extremely interesting year (and dozens of e-mails back and forth to Munich) to get it right but it's an adventure I'll never forget. No photos or story about the entire experience until the car's sitting in my driveway though.....which will be about a month after it takes a few break-in laps on the "Ring" 'cause that's where I'm picking it up. I won't give away any company secrets but for those of you debating on buying an E92 M3 in the near future, schedule yourself for a March & beyond build. You won't regret it.

Regards, Mark
I just put in my order here in Germany and I'm picking up the M3 in late January or beginning of February. I would be pretty upset if I missed something like that by a month. Any more news?


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