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Originally Posted by MN M3 View Post
I agree - I seriously doubt the 2011's will start production in March - that would leave a very short 2010 production run, wouldn't it?
The fact that the LCI is coming in March is all but 100% confirmed. Let's just say that you would not want to bet against it. So the cars coming in March willl indeed be different than those produced from September 2009 up til March 2010.

What is not clear - at least from what I have found so far - is what the model years are going to be. As I said above, for the E46 LCI, the M3 stayed an '03 while the 3 series became an '04. Most cite the fact that the M3 exterior changes were minor compared to the 3 series exterior changes as the reason for the discrepancy. Since the same thing holds this time as far as exterior changes, its not immediately obvious to me that they won't do the same thing with the model years. The main difference this time around is that there is an M3 sedan. However, with the E46 there was obviously still coupe/convertible and sedan/wagon, and that did not stop them from changing the model year on the former for the LCI while leaving the model year on the latter the same (since those already had its LCI prior, just like the E90/E91 did this time as well).
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