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One cam is enough
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Not really. I'd recommend starting off with what we always called a "starter bike" for good reason. Had a lot of friends go down hard, some with no more than bruises, a couple with many broken bones (including neck) because of lack of experience. I usually recommend the Ninja 500, but people rarely listen because anything less than a racing 600 is pussy to them. Until they wipe the floor with their face.

I've seen people start on a CBR600RR and outgrow it in a month. Others started with the 600 and dumped it so much that they just never want to ride again. Your call. I still say start small until you've "outlearned" the bike, and sell it to get the next step up, until you get to the RC51 and realize everything else is crap (just kidding; that's just my personal favorite, that's all).

But really, you're safer not biting off more than you can chew. And by safer, I mean less likely to die or be severely maimed.