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If the resale value of a 2011 is better than a 2010 then surely that of a 2012 will be even better. Based on that premise you should wait at least another year. At some point you have to get the car to actually enjoy it.

As for the LCI/MY switch, sure there will be some changes but at this point it looks like rear tail lamps (but not the front head lamps the regular E92s will get because that would necessitate a new M3 bumper) and some possible but unspecified interior tweaks, one of which has already happened with the 2010s apparently. Oh, and I'll bet that in addition to a price blip (50% chance) there will be more decontenting, like maybe all the tools will go away if they haven't already (50% chance). Power or other real changes (not rims mind you) I'd give only a very marginal chance at this point. Competition package aka E46? Maybe but more likely in MY 2012 as part of the wrap up model year for E9x M3s.

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