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Originally Posted by Bweezy311 View Post
Hello Everyone,

I've got the itch to get a motorcycle and wanted to know if any other riders out there had some tips on a good starter bike (and anything else).

I'd like to eventually get an R1 (Raven looks nice), Ninja, pretty much anything that is super fast and will most likely get me killed....BUT I need to start on something easy to learn on.

It sounds like you're taking the notion of getting a sportbike a bit too lightly. With that kind of attitude, you could very well be seriously injured, possibly even killed. Don't underestimate sportbikes and riding in general. I've been riding for over 7 years and have seen more than my share of things that can and will go wrong on a sportbike if you're not in the right mindset. That is, respect the bike and respect the power.