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Originally Posted by WyattHerb View Post
I admit Ford is doing well but, yes, as Willie said, they are behind. They are always playing catch-up to their competion in terms of performance. In 2012, by them time Ford implements their new powerplants to compete with their competion, their competion will already be busy updating their own powerplants that will exceed that of Ford's. Not since they introduced the Mustang before the Camaro have they led in anything except one thing, albeit probably the most vital thing, sales.
Camaro performance didn't help it stay alive. Sales IS the most important thing for a company.

The whole point of the Mustang, since '64, was balance. Not too much hp (though the '69-70 BOSS 429s had a pile of it), not too much weight, not too much complexity. Base Mustangs were economical sporty cars, easy on the wallet and on insurance, while upper versions were great perfomance platforms to build from. Ford has known since '65 that the V8 Mustangs were merely starting points for their owners, not end points, and not only let the aftermarket play, but had and have a pretty extensive hop-up catalog of their own.

They didn't and don't need to be overly sophistacated to get the job done. there is NO reason for the Mustang to be a Ford badged BMW. None whatsoever, and people (especially kids) that think it should be are really missing the point.

I really don't care about dash strokeability in a performance car. The dash should be someplace that holds the guages where I can see them, and that's about it. Worrying about whose plastic dash feels better to the touch is missing the point of not just a Mustang, but of a performance car in general.
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