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So... I just bought my GTI and my dad...

Just ordered his dream car; 911 4S

VW Group these days are ridiculously slow. I ordered my GTI 2 months ago, and I will be getting it in mid-January... My dad had to order his Porsche before tomorrow if he wanted it delivered in April (this is when the snow is gone here in Quebec).

I am soooo excited :

2010 911 4S Meteor Gray (The same colour shown to display the new Turbo)
6 Speed Manual
Cocoa Full Leather and Sports Seats
Rear Window Wiper ( true porsche fan )
GPS, Multimedia Package

The MSRP came to 137k (in Canadian) and guess what lol, if he wants to buy the car (which he will) after the 6 years lease, it will cost him 45k (Cad). This is RIDICULOUSLY low, but then, on the used market, he could easily get around 75k for it.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement lol.