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Originally Posted by Brandon26pdx View Post
That would really suck to be a BMW fanboy if a lowly Mustang V6 started nipping the heels of your N54 equiped Bimmer. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one)

Yeah Ford's bringing the fight to the whole world now, not just their domestic competition, who they've easily outshined lately.
And I am ok with that...but the fit and finish and quality of materials in that stang will always be lower. The Corvette ZR-1 has amazing power and all that but the interior sucks compared to a base-model VW GTi! Unless they make it more expensive, and we KNOW that will never happen. But I think most Americans buy mustangs/camaros/etc because they are American. Which means they are decently fast (usually just in a straight line) and CHEAP.

I know a lot my family members and friends buy things because they are cheap, and decent, and it's right in front of them. I have one friend who every time he decides to get a new car, he just buys whatever the first thing he drives is (FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES!!!) and says screw it, it's just a car and it's priced right. However, this is not my way of thinking at all. I look and search, and drive, and look more! I thought I really wanted the new Camaro SS, I mean really, it looks great, it has a big engine, I figured it was going to be great! Was I ever wrong! It was brand new with 5 miles on it, but it rattled, squeaked, and felt all plush and squishy. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I think that is what really bugs me about the American brands these days. They may blast us with something so awesome in technology such as this great MPG v6, but they put it in something that is garbage. That makes me sad America! Build a car, build it right, ALL THE WAY, and price it accordingly. Once you step up to a car done right, in my case, spoiled by a 2003 Maserati Coupe' GT, then you will never go back! I am willing to pay for what is truly a great buy in my eyes. If you want an A-B car, buy a used $5k something.

OMG, I just ranted. I am soo sorry guys. I stand on this soapbox a lot with my friends and family, but no one ever gets me. Nice cars cost money, end of story. Back on topic, hurray for American technology though, this seems like a good breakthrough.