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Originally Posted by Brandon26pdx View Post
Well the new V8 for Mustang will supposedly be a 32 valve 5.0 liter quad-cam V8 pushing over 400 hp. Neither GM or Chrysler will be able to tout that in their "downmarket" pony cars. Up till (soon) you'd have to go way up the price scale for an engine similar to that. (M3, RS4, IS-F, C63, etc), but soon you'll be able to have it in a lowly Mustang GT.

That's pretty innovative...
You make a good point, very true on innovation, but I hope it produces more than the Camaro's 6.2 liter, otherwise, whats the point if the innvoation it only matches the current generation V8 Camaro hp wise? It's like, oh yeah we're hangin with the Camaro finally! Cut to one model year later ... oh @#&%, Chevy has a quad cam 6.2 liter v-8 with 32-valves per cylinder that produces 500 hp in their SS! (dreaming here)
Like I said, Ford is IMO, "playing catch-up to their competion in terms performance" and "Ford is doing well" and "Ford needs use their current glory to lead, innovate, get it to where people are catching up to them." Apologies that I didn't specify in terms of performance there.
But, yeah, they are kicking ass everywhere else and intelligently got their line of credit before it was the (un)cool thing to do and recently procured a ~$6 billion loan from the Dept. of Energy to turn their brown shit into green goods.
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