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Whoa, news flash! Ford is gonna produce a V6 that matches Chevy's! Groundbreaking!
What is funny is that their current V8 is trying to nip at N54 epuipped Bimmer's heels as it is. Chevy's Cobalt SS(insert SRT-4, Mazdaspeed 3, WRX, Lancer) can hang with it through the traps and blow its doors off through the twisties, the Camaro's V6 has as much HP as their V8, etc., etc.
I admit Ford is doing well but, yes, as Willie said, they are behind. They are always playing catch-up to their competion in terms of performance. In 2012, by them time Ford implements their new powerplants to compete with their competion, their competion will already be busy updating their own powerplants that will exceed that of Ford's. Not since they introduced the Mustang before the Camaro have they led in anything except one thing, albeit probably the most vital thing, sales.
How many different trims of Mustangs are gonna be produced to try to compete with anything Chevy has to offer performance wise? GT, GT500, Shelby GT500, GT500KR, supersnake, Saleen, Roush, blah, blah, blah.
The "Track Package?" Come on.
Ford needs use their current glory to lead, innovate, get it to where people are catching up to them. I've always felt that they are riding their own legend. Whats gonna happen when the all the baby boomers die and that need for nostalgia which helps fuel their sales goes away?
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